Case Management

Jewish Family Services (JFS) offers a variety of case management services to meet your needs. Case management is a personalized service, based on assessments that create a well-developed care plan. That plan is developed in consultation with you and reflects your choices and preferences for service. The goal is to ensure that you are involved in all aspects of the planning, service arrangements, and delivery.


  • Phone consultation (up to 30 minutes): This is a phone call or meeting to get quick answers to questions and community resource lists. This will involve minimal problem solving, but not in-depth problem solving. Examples of services provided in a phone consultation: Requesting a list of housing resources for older adults, receiving a list of agencies that provide financial assistance, learning transportation options in the area.
  • Case management in-office consultation: This is a meeting to explore specific concerns, options and available resources. Support, education and guidance in dealing with a client’s concerns are provided. The consultation is also available by phone for family who reside out of town. Examples of services provided: in-depth discussion about housing options for older adults in the area, filling out applications and paperwork for services, etc.
  • Full case management assessment (up to 4 hours): This is a home visit to fully assess a person’s current situation, including physical, cognitive, emotional, social and financial needs, as well as available supports, safety of living environment, and quality of life. Options are explore and a plan with recommendations and referrals to community resources is developed to address client’s needs and concerns.
  • Follow-up case management services (up to 1 hour): Follow-up case management services are only available to clients who have already received a full case management assessment. This is suggested if a client’s situation and needs have changed requiring a re-assessment of needs, and changes to the previously developed plan. In some instances, follow-ups may be longer and incur additional chargers, if the client needs additional help exploring his/her options and added guidance, support, and education to make decisions.
JFS Case Management ServicesJFS RatesMarket Rates
Phone Consultation (up to 30 minutes)No chargeNo charge
Case Management In-office Consultation (1 hour)$50$100
Full Case Management Assessment (Direct and Indirect Services up to 4 hours)$200up to $700
Follow-up Case Management - Direct and Indirect Services (1 hour)$50$100

JFS provides services on a sliding scale fee, to those who qualify, that is based on gross annual income and the size of household. Client fees may be re-evaluated periodically to reflect changing circumstances.

For your convenience, please fill out these forms before your scheduled appointment:

  1. New Client Information form
  2. Dear New Client form
  3. Authorization to Communicate by Email form
  4. Notice of Privacy Practices form
  5. HIPAA Receipt and Acknowledgement form

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