Federation Grinspoon Foundation LIFE&LEGACY Program Honor Roll


“Deeds of giving are the very foundation of the world.”

-Pirke Avot 1:3


The Jewish Federation of Durham Chapel Hill is committed to connecting Jews in the local community and to helping those in need both here and abroad.  We provide and support programs and services that enable current and future generations to lead meaningful lives inspired by Jewish values.

We are guided by the teachings of our Jewish tradition, including commitments to: tikkun olam (repairing the world); tzedakah (justice and charity); chesed (kindness); k’lal Yisrael (Jewish peoplehood); and hachnasat orchim (welcoming newcomers).  This translates into three overarching principles:  helping, engaging/belonging, and healthy living.

As a multi-faceted organization, the Jewish Federation serves the whole community through the Levin Jewish Community Center, Jewish Family Services, Israel Center, Jewish Community Foundation, and Jewish Community Relations Council in the following ways:

Helping describes the work we do to directly aid individuals, families, and organizations in need.

  • People struggling with basic needs receive emergency financial assistance, and food items (including fresh produce) are available to them through our food pantry.
  • Seniors can engage in our unique social outreach programs.
  • Selected community organizations, local and abroad, receive direct financial allocations.
  • Individuals with special needs can receive assistance to ensure they are able to fully engage in the community.

Engaging and Belonging highlights how we foster community involvement and participation, learning, and sustaining Jewish life in the Triangle.

  • Families come together for holiday events and celebrations.
  • Adults learn and grow through films, speakers, and book discussions.
  • Children can further learn about and celebrate Jewish culture through the PJ Library, and they can develop physically and spiritually through our camp programs.

Healthy Living includes the JCC fitness and wellness programs.

The Federation fosters collaboration among local rabbis, executive directors, and various committees having a common goal, and we offer professional development opportunities to these individuals.

Our impact extends beyond our Jewish community, as we also play a meaningful role in our local non-Jewish community.  We host Mitzvah Day, where we provide outreach and charitable goods and services to numerous organizations, and we allocate funds to selected local non-Jewish charitable organizations.

Looking to the future, our Jewish Federation aspires to be the “ribbon that ties the Jewish community together.”  By becoming a Federation Legacy Donor, you will enable current and future generations to continue to lead lives inspired by Jewish values.

We thank the following donors for their participation in the Grinspoon LIFE&LEGACY program for completing a Letter of Intent to help secure the Federation future through legacy giving.

  • Annette Kirshner
  • Arie and Anita Lewin
  • Beth and Adam Goldstein
  • Bob Gutman
  • Elaine and Lee Marcus
  • Elizabeth Null
  • Elizabeth Singer
  • Ellen and Phil Singer
  • Ellen Michelson and Mike Giarla
  • Eric and Tal Wittle
  • Evelina Moulder
  • Gary and Abby Zarkin
  • George Baroff
  • Gladys Siegel
  • Heidi and Ben Aycock
  • Irene and Barry Zipper
  • Iris and Stephen Weiss
  • Jeff Collins and Rose Mills
  • Jeff Gordon and Christy Brooks
  • Jennifer Rudinger
  • Jill Madsen
  • Jimmie and Carol Haynes
  • Jonathan Dayan
  • Jonathan and Deborah Wahl
  • Judith and Lewis Siegel
  • Larry and Nancy Rocamora
  • Leah Austin
  • Lisa Brachman and Robert Roubey
  • Margrit Goldstein
  • Marilyn and Peter Ornstein
  • Matt and Susan Springer
  • Michele Pas
  • Nancy Gordon
  • Stanley and Marion Robboy
  • Sydney and Krisha Miller
  • William and Caryn Zoffer

And there is room for your too!

The Grinspoon LIFE&LEGACY program began January 2017.  Legacy Gifts noted here only reflect those who have completed Letters of Intent between January 2017 and February 2020, and wish to be noted.  We also recognize the numerous other legacy gifts that were established by donors to support the Federation prior to this program.  We also recognize those donors whom wish to remain anonymous.

“My parents were Holocaust survivors and came to this country with virtually nothing.  Despite having very limited resources growing up, I was imbued with a rich Jewish identity and the understanding that giving tzedakah is practically an 11th commandment.  My husband and I have been fortunate in our lives.  We feel it is our duty and honor to “pay it forward” to help ensure a vibrant Jewish community thrives long after we are gone.”

-Rose Mills

Together we are creating a stronger tomorrow.