Annual Holocaust Remembrance Essay Contest

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The Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Community Foundation’s Holocaust Essay Contest is made possible by The Penny Daum Aldrich Endowment Fund for Holocaust Remembrance.

The Holocaust Remembrance Essay Contest is held annually for local high school students. The Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill are committed to promoting Holocaust awareness among young people in North Carolina, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. In sponsoring the Holocaust Essay Contest, it is our intention to inspire high school students to learn about the Holocaust and to think about the implications of it in their lives and their world.

High School students are invited to explore questions raised by the Holocaust.

To learn more about the contest please contact us at

The topic to write on is: Understanding the Holocaust: Why is it Relevant Today?

Deadline to submit final essay is February 1, 2020

Essay Guidelines:

Student essays will be judged on content rather than style and should demonstrate:

  • Historical knowledge and thoughtful learning about the Holocaust
  • Ability to identify lessons learned from the Holocaust
  • An understanding of the relevance of the Holocaust in today’s world

Students can:

  • Research an individual from the Holocaust with whom he or she feels a connection
  • Examine the Holocaust in a particular location
  • Explore a specific event in the Holocaust
  • Compare an event in the Holocaust to current events
  • Write about any aspect of the Holocaust that interests them

Formatting Requirements:

  • Cover page should include: Essay title, name, email address, and phone number so they can be contacted if they are selected.
  • Maximum of 1,200 words
  • Times New Roman font, size 14, double spaced

Prizes: 1st Prize ~ $250, 2nd Prize ~ $125

The Jewish Community Foundation of the Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation is proud to announce the winners of its annual Holocaust Remembrance Essay Contest.The winners of the essay contest are recognized and awarded their prizes each year at the Annual Yom HaShoah Holocaust Memorial Service.  The 2019 service will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2019.

2020 1st Place Winner: Ember Penney

2019 1st Place Winner: Abby Zachary

2018 1st Place Winner: Emily Abramowitz

2017 1st Place Winner: Anne Crabill

2016 1st Place Winner: Shir Bach

2015 1st Place Winner: Amelia Allore

2014 1st Place Winner: Julian Wilson

2013 1st Place Winner: Ann Carlstein

2012 1st Place Winner: Abby Muller

2011 1st Place Winner: Lauren Katz

2010 1st Place Winner: Herman Bhupal

2009 1st Place Winner: Chris Wolfe

2008 1st Place Winner: Ariel Mia Iarovici Katz

2020 2nd Place Winner: Miriam Abramowitz

2019 2nd Place Winner: Addie Babcock

2018 2nd Place Winner: Moira Pecor

2017 2nd Place Winner: Sydney Dye

2016 2nd Place Winner: Sarah Taekman

2015 2nd Place Winner: Clare Heine

2014 2nd Place Winner: Ally Ziles

2013 2nd Place Winner: Kiera Turner

2012 2nd Place Winner: Kate Boyd

2011 2nd Place Winner: Will McEntee

2010 2nd Place Winner: James Huang

2009 2nd Place Winner: Zoe Symon

2008 2nd Place Winner: Max Ramage