External Community Allocations

What are external community allocations? 

A core mission of a Federation is to provide support to people in need, with an emphasis on Jewish people in need around the world – using the Federation as a vehicle to vet and select causes that warrant our communal support.  Allocations for the Jewish Federation of Durham Chapel Hill are funded through Federation annual campaign support.  As an integrated Federation we have two types of allocations – internal allocations, funds approved by Board of Directors to support the mission work done by the Federation through our helping and engaging divisions and external allocations, funds we give outside of our organization to support local, state, national, and international organizations.  Our Federation allocation priorities are:

  1. We need to support the local structures that can provide important services and programs at the local level.  This includes  JFS – helping those in need, JCC – connecting the local community, and our Jewish partner agencies.
  2. We need to make rooms in our hearts and wallets for giving overseas as this is a significant value and tradition of Jewish peoplehood.
  3. We have an obligation to give “Jewishly” to local non-Jewish organizations in some way.

What is the purpose of external community allocations?

  • Our external allocations are designed to support educational, social service and charitable programs that promote the Jewish values of K’lal Yisrael (taking responsibility for one another), Tzedakah (charity and righteousness), and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).

How are external allocations determined?

  • Applications are sent to selected organizations each fall. Applications are then reviewed by Federation Allocations Committee and Committee develops recommendation presented to the Federation Board of Directors. Board of Directors then approves allocations at the end of each calendar year. Questions about the allocation process? Contact Jill Madsen at jmadsen@shalomdch.org.

Who do we support through external allocations?

Local Jewish Organizations

  • Beth El Preschool
    • Allocation funds are used to purchase Jewish curriculum and assist with scholarship fund.
  • Hillel NC
    • Allocation funds are used to assist with general operating expenses to ensure core programs and services are available for Jewish students across North Carolina.
  • Lerner Jewish Community Day School
    • Allocation funds are used to help support their flexible tuition program.
  • Moishe House
    • Allocation funds are used to help support local programming at the house located in Durham.

Local Secular Organizations

  • Interfaith Council
    • Allocation funds are used to assist with holiday dinners.
  • Urban Ministries
    • Allocation funds are used to purchase bus passes for individuals staying at the community shelter.
  • Threshold
    • Allocation funds are used to support their meal program.

State/National Organizations

  • JELF
    • Allocation funds are used to help fund interest free loans for Jewish students in higher education.
  • NC Holocaust Council
    • Allocation funds are used to help support professional development programs on the Holocaust for public school teachers in North Carolina.

Israel Organizations

  • Hand in Hand
    • Allocation funds are used to help support core programmatic aspects such as sports, excursions, and adult programming.
    • Allocation funds are used to help support programs and services that empower disenfranchised citizens.
  • Friends of Yemin Or
    • Allocation funds are used to help cover bus expenses to take children outside of the village and into community to perform volunteer activities.