Vision: To be the catalyst that inspires our community to live the Jewish lives they desire for generations to come.

Mission: We serve as a vibrant hub where everyone belongs, nourishing the roots of local Jewish life.  We provide engaging opportunities that deepen Jewish connections, knowledge, and relations to Israel; services for helping those in need; programs that foster healthy living; and pathways for charitable giving.

Values: We are guided by belief that building strong community is critical for the future of the Jewish people.  Our values, rooted in Jewish teachings, inform our work.  We are:

  • Inclusive: we honor and welcome different identities, valuing the inherent worth of every person.
  • Nurturing: we ensure that the individual and the collective grows and flourishes, by making sure everyone feels seen and supported.
  • Stewards: we are responsible of our resources, values, reputation and relationships. We’re a convening place for voices when/if needed, being broadminded in scope.
  • Vibrant: we employ a can do attitude, bringing a positive force to all we do and lead with optimism. This approach keeps us relevant.
  • Collaborative: we seek and value opportunities to work with community partners (both Jewish and beyond; and both locally and abroad) to intentionally integrate throughout the Triangle influencing the perception of our organization and Jewish community.
  • Drive:we strive to leave the world a better place, through acts of Tzedakah (justice and charity).


Federation Guiding Principles on Policy Concerning Israel:

  • Purpose: To guide Federation in making decisions related to Israel that best reflect the mission, vision, and values of our organization.
  • Assumptions: No single statement can encompass all perspectives. We strive to reach a general consensus that is reflective of our community. 
  • Scope: References to support of Israel refer to the State and people of Israel, not its government or politics.

#1.  We, the Jewish Federation of Durham Chapel Hill supports Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state.  We recognize the historical and ongoing cultural and religious connection of the State of Israel to the Jewish people.

#2.  We recognize the right of Israel and its people to live in peace and security.

#3.  In support of its position regarding Israel, the Jewish Federation of Durham Chapel Hill provides resources and opportunities for our community to philanthropically support Israel and its people.

#4.  We view Israel as a core element of Jewish life and thus promote a continuum of enriching opportunities, including educational, service, cultural and social programs and experiences that engage with, educate about, and celebrate Israel.  We seek to provide open, civil forums through which a broad range of beliefs and opinions can be respectfully shared and discussed.   While we recognize there is diversity of opinion regarding Israel and acknowledge that not all perspectives may be formally represented, we invite and welcome all community members to participate in these forums.

#5.  Israel Standards of Partnership:  The Federation will only partner with, house, or host organizations, groups, or speakers that as a matter of policy and/or practice engage with local, national, or international communities in a constructive and civil manner consistent with the guiding principles set above.