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Funds of the Jewish Community Foundation

There are a number of funds within the Foundation that may align with your philanthropic goals.

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General Federation Support

  • DCHJF Unrestricted Endowment Fund – supported by the Harry T Phillips Memorial Fund, the Morton Harfenist Memorial Endowment Fund, the Leo and Helen Nacheman Endowment Fund, and the Max Paul Endowment Fund
  • Beryl A. Slome Endowment Fund (Supports partnership with Hadera and JFS.)
  • Laurie Tepper Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
  • Marcus Family Fund for Public Relations and Communication (Supports special projects to improve public relations and communications.)
  • The Laura and Jack Fox Endowment for Media Arts (Provides for media arts programming such as book fairs, film festivals, journalism projects, radio or television projects, or internet communication projects.)
  • Vision Fund

Federation – Helping those in Need

  • Jewish Family Services Endowment Fund – supported by the Vivian K. Blonder Memorial Fund, the Marion Meyer Robboy Endowment for JFS, and the Martin and Simone Lipman Endowment Fund for JFS
  • Sydney and Phyllis Back Education Fund to Benefit the Elderly (Supports special programming for seniors.)
  • Singer-Becker Endowment Fund for Elder Care
  • Melvin & Cynia Shimm Endowment Fund
  • The George and Sue Fishman Jewish Family Services Senior Services Endowment
  • Hudi Gross Fund to Support Needy Jews

Federation – Engaging the Community

  • Israel Center Fund – Provides ongoing support to the Israel Center, a committee of the Federation, which works to bring cultural and bridge-building programming to the Durham-Chapel Hill community.
  • The Peter A. Stahl Teen Programming Fund
  • JCC Camp Scholarships Endowment Fund – supported by the Fink Endowment and the Monroe Braun Endowment
  • Endowment Fund for JCC Special Needs Programming
  • Community Midrasha Program Fund – supports initiatives for the Community Midrasha teen program
  • PJ Library Endowment Fund – supports our local efforts that brings this unique program to children’s homes through books and programs connected to some aspect of Jewish culture or tradition

Special Purpose Funds

  • Earl and Gladys Siegel Young Leadership Fund – Provides funding for individuals recognized as outstanding young leaders to attend a Young Leadership conference
  • JCRC/Ministers Conference Fund – Supports the Jewish Community Relations Committee and the annual Minister’s conference
  • Sara and E.J. Evans Israel Experience Scholarship Program Endowment Fund – This fund provides $1,500 scholarships to area teens to attend programs in Israel
  • Nancy Gordon Justice Fund – This fund was established to provide scholarships to teens and young adults up to age 25, to travel locally or abroad (Israel) to participate in a social justice focused program
  • The Ma’aser Fund – The Ma’aser Fund matches contributions to any charitable organization by young people who commit to donating 10% of their Bar and Bat Mitzvah cash presents, as well as 10% of their earned and allowance income through their first post-high school year
  • Jewish Burial Fund – this fund strives to provide support to ensure that a Jewish burial with compassion, dignity, and respect is available to any Jewish individual in the community regardless of congregational affiliation or financial resources; please fill out this brief inquiry form
  • Penny Daum Aldrich Endowment Fund for Holocaust Remembrance – supports the annual Holocaust Remembrance Essay Contest

Community Funds

  • Partnership Facilities Endowment Fund – To support the maintenance of the Levin JCC and the Lerner Jewish Day School.

Beth El Synagogue

  • Beth El Endowment Fund – Unrestricted endowment for the general support of the Synagogue.
  • The Sam Reven Rachmil Fink Fund of Beth El Congregation – Supports special projects at Beth El Synagogue.
  • The Durham Hebrew Cemetery Fund of Beth El Congregation – Provides funds to maintain the Beth El cemetery grounds.
  • Beth El Building Maintenance Fund – Provides support to maintain the synagogue building.
  • Bertha Bergman Library Fund of Beth El Congregation – Supports the Beth El Synagogue library.
  • Gilbert Katz Fund – Provides scholarships for young Beth El Synagogue members to receive religious education.
  • Elaine Perilstein Fund – Supports adult education programming.
  • Eric Pas Jewish Camp Scholarship Fund – Provides scholarship aid to young members of Beth El for Jewish summer camp experiences.
  • The Hudi Gross Memorial Endowment for 3rd Grade Teacher – Supports annual salary of Religious School 3rd grade teacher.

Judea Reform Congregation

  • Judea Reform General Reserve Fund – This fund is used as necessary to support programs and services provided by Judea Reform Congregation.
  • Judea Reform Congregation Life and Legacy Endowment Fund – Provides unrestricted general support to Judea Reform Congregation.
  • Alfred and Hilde Brauer Designated Fund for Judea Reform Congregation – Upon their deaths, Alfred and Hilde endowed their annual gift, thereby continuing the financial contributions made during their lifetimes.

Kehillah Synagogue

  • The Kehillah Endowment Fund
  • The Kehillah Rabbi’s Endowment Fund
  • The Kehillah Program Endowment Fund
  • Lipman Endowment Fund for Kehillah Scholars-In-Residence Program


  • The Leo and Helen Nacheman Hadassha Endowment Fund


  • Marcus Family Fund for North Carolina Hillel
  • George and Sue Fishman Hillel Endowment Fund
  • The Marion Meyer-Robboy Endowment Fund for North Carolina Hillel
  • Ackerman-Rubin Endowment Fund

Sandra E. Lerner Jewish Community Day School

  • Fuchs Scholarship Fund of the Jewish Community Day School of Durham-Chapel Hill – The income from this fund provides scholarship assistance to students
  • Albert and Adeline Gelb Scholarship Fund for the Jewish Community Day School of Durham-Chapel Hill – The income from this fund provides scholarship assistance to students
  • Martin G. Groder Endowment for the Lerner Jewish Community Day School

Triangle Jewish Chorale

  • Triangle Jewish Chorale Fund

To learn more about the over 80 Funds of the Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Foundation, please contact at