Foundation Leadership

Staff Leadership

Jill Madsen, CEO –

Grace Kaplan, JCF Program Manager –

Foundation Committee

The Jewish Community Foundation is an entity of the Jewish Federation of Durham Chapel Hill and the leadership of the Federation Board of Directors.

The Foundation Committee’s primary responsibility, with support of the Jewish Federation of Durham Chapel Hill Board of Directors, is to establish basic principles and policies regarding the management of the Foundation.

Stanley Robboy, Chair

Leah Austin

Marc Becker

Howard Glicksman

Robert Gutman

Connie Margolin

Jan Tuchinsky

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee’s primary responsibility is to monitor the Portfolio’s investment structure, cost, turnover, performance, policies, and guidelines.

Marc Becker, Chair – Managing Partner, Wiser Financial

Pam Cohen

Shirley Diefenbach, Esq

Robert Roubey