Early-Stage Memory Loss Education and Support Group

Individuals with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (or other memory related disorder) and their caregivers are welcome to attend this four consecutive week psychoeducational support group for Early Stage Memory Disorders which begins on June 29th. Individuals need to be screened for participation prior to joining the group to ensure that they meet the criteria established by the Eastern NC Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Each meeting consists of introductions and an hour long lecture from a professional in the community on topics related to their new diagnosis. Then the group is separated into two groups, one comprised of individuals with memory impairment, and the other, their caregivers. In these smaller groups, individuals share needs, feelings, and concerns, and learn new coping skills while building a support system with one another. This group runs on a periodic basis. Currently, the program is running three times per year (Fall, Spring, Summer). This is the only group of its kind on the eastern side of North Carolina. This program is provided free of charge through a partnership between JFS, Duke Family Support Program, Duke Memory Disorders Clinic and the Alzheimer’s Association. This program is funded in part with a grant from the CFJS Foundation.

Pre-registration and telephone screening required. Please contact Jenny Schwartz, JFS Director, at (919) 354-4922 or jschwartz@shalomdch.org for more information.