Emergency Financial Assistance

JFS’ emergency financial assistance program provides families with assistance for necessities such as housing, utilities, health care, and food in times of crisis when they are unable to provide for themselves. Emergency financial assistance may be provided when there is a loss of income, medical issues, or death in the family, but it is not intended to provide full financial support for any individual on a long term basis. In cases of ongoing need, JFS staff will help the individual or family to find other resources. Anyone receiving financial assistance will need to meet with JFS staff for an initial interview and undergo a financial assessment. All applicants will be asked to provide a summary of their assets, earnings, and debt.

For your convenience, please fill out these forms before your scheduled appointment:

  1. New Client Information form
  2. Dear New Client form
  3. Authorization to Communicate by Email form
  4. Notice of Privacy Practices form
  5. HIPAA Receipt and Acknowledgement form

Contact Shira Bar-On at (919) 354-4923 or sbaron@shalomdch.org for more information.