Grief Supports and Resources

Growing through Grief Support Group

Jewish Family Services (JFS) partners with a local grief coalition to provide a weekly support group. To learn more, click here.

Counseling Services

JFS provides counseling services provided by Licensed Clinical Social Workers to help individuals, couples, and families during difficult times. To schedule an appointment, contact Jenny Schwartz, Director of Helping and JFS at 919-354-4922 or

Bereavement Community Resource Support

When loss occurs, there are often many logistical questions that arise. Let us help you get connected with local resources that can help make this process easier on you. To schedule an appointment, contact Jenny Schwartz at 919-354-4922 or

Service and Burial Support

Our goal is to ensure that a Jewish burial with compassion, dignity, and respect is available to any Jewish individual in the community regardless of congregational affiliation or financial resources. Complete the brief inquiry form and we will be in touch within 24 hours regarding potential support for your needs.