JFS and JCC Volunteer of the Year Award

The Jewish value of tikun olam – repair the world, teaches us that we each must play an active role in the world.  Volunteerism is a pathway for individuals to express this value while making the world better and more whole.  Each year Jewish Family Services and the Levin Jewish Community Center recognizes an individual who has made special contributions to the vitality and future of the organization through their volunteer efforts with the JFS and JCC Volunteer of the Year Award. Click here to nominate an individual.

Past JFS Winners:                                                                                        Past JCC Winners:

1996 Pearl Levine                                                                                              2015 Sue Engnoto
1997 Lynne Kohn                                                                                               2016 Karen Berman
1998 Robin Bailin                                                                                              2017 Patty Wild
1999 Vivienne Jacobson                                                                                 2018 Michelle Shrott
2000 Monice Arnold
2002 Carol Hadler
2003 Nathan Bearman
2004 Laureen Froimson
2005 Ricky Munster
2006 Nancy Perault
2007 Michele Pas
2008 Ric Bobroff
2009 Herb Posner & Manny and Irma Stein
2010 Reuben Press
2011 Ina Hirsch
2012 Reuben Press
2013 Lynne Kohn
2014 Bobbi Matchar
2015 Iris Weiss
2016 Gita Schonfeld
2017 Marv Axelrod, may his memory be a blessing
2018 Merle Schwartz