Ma’aser Fund

The Ma’aser Fund – Matching Donations of Young Philanthropists


The Ma’aser Fund was established in 2005 by an anonymous donor to encourage and enhance philanthropy by young donors in our community. “Ma’aser” means “tenth.” It reflects the tithing of one tenth of one’s income for charity.


The purpose of the Ma’aser Fund is to make young donors more powerful and to encourage them to develop the habit of giving. To this end, the Fund will match qualifying contributions from students after their Bar or Bat Mitzvahs and continuing for a year after high school graduation.


To qualify for matching donations from the Ma’aser Fund, the young philanthropist must commit to donating one-tenth of the money received as Bar and Bat Mitzvah presents to one or more recognized charities of the student’s choosing. The student must also commit to donating one-tenth of earned income and allowance to any charity or charities each year through the first post-high school year, up to a maximum of $1,000.

There is no minimum amount per donation, but to be matched by the Fund the donation must be at least $100. The amount donated by each young philanthropist will vary, depending on the amount each one receives in gifts and in income.

There is no maximum per donation, although there is a maximum total amount of $1,000 matched per student. That amount can be attained in one donation or many donations.

The donation must be certified in one of two ways. The young philanthropist may present evidence of the donation to the rabbi or congregational president, or the charity may notify the Foundation of the donation and request the matching donation.

The young philanthropist will sign a pledge during the Bar/Bat Mitzvah year. Fulfillment of the commitment is on the “honor system.”

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