For pre-teens about to embark on their Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, the Maaser Fund is a fund which matches donations of young philanthropists. Click here to learn about this unique opportunity.

The Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill encourages high school students to visit Israel through a limited number of $1,000 scholarships for students who wish to participate in summer or year-long programs. Interested students, whose parents are contributing members to the Jewish Federation, may apply to the Israel Scholarship Committee. Applicants who have not visited Israel will be given preference. Click here for more information on the Sara & E.J. Evans Israel Experience Scholarship Program Fund.

At the Levin JCC, teens enjoy opportunities to meet new friends, stay fit, develop leadership skills, and engage in programs of Jewish life and learning. Teens can participate in a variety of sports and recreation activities including pick-up basketball, aerial dance, and more! During the summer months, Camp Shelanu’s LIT  program is a leadership development program designed to empower teens to effectively lead on youth group boards, in classrooms at religious schools, at Camp Shelanu, and in other roles around the Jewish and non-Jewish communities.

Post Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill offers teens the opportunity to continue their Jewish education and to connect with other Jewish teens in the area through the Community Midrasha program. Community Midrasha engages teens in learning about Jewish culture, history, and religion and inspires participants to make a lifelong commitment to Jewish learning, practice and community. It is a pluralistic Jewish learning community for all teens (grades 8-12), regardless of synagogue affiliation or prior religious education. Mirroring the diversity in our student body, our teachers are from all streams of Jewish life and practice. Positive Jewish experiences at this pivotal age will help teens grow into highly engaged Jews. Teens have the opportunity to register for classes in athletics, cooking, art, Talmudic study, and more!